A Hoosier in Colorado

Being a native Hoosier and life-long resident of Indiana, it was not without some trepidation that I took the step to join the staff at Golden History Museums. It is hard to believe that only this past weekend I was driving across the country to start my first day on the job! While I will certainly miss my family (who are still in Indiana) and the fine folks that I count as friends there, I am now four days in and am so thrilled to be a part of the excitement and energy at Golden History Museums. From the unique partnerships of the Turn It Up exhibit (which opens June 3) to the interactive family learning events planned for the season opening of Clear Creek History Park (May 21), Golden History Museums is well poised to become a true leader in presenting engaging local history to the denizens of Golden and beyond.

I am excited to be in the position of Interpretation and Operations Coordinator at GHM. I’ll be working closely with some fantastic staff and volunteers to reenergize the programming at the Astor House Museum and at Clear Creek History Park. I’ll also be focusing on developing the volunteer corps (if you are interested in volunteering, please contact me at dallison@cityofgolden.net) into an efficient and high-functioning group. As I begin, I want to listen closely to what people are saying about Golden History Museums. I believe strongly that everyone has ideas that could enhance the offerings at GHM, from volunteers to community partners to moms with very young kids.

History often gets a bad rap as boring and out-of-touch with the problems and challenges of the modern world. It is under siege from indifferent teaching in schools and from historic sites that insist on telling the stories of the past using outdated techniques and dull presentations. I hope to work toward a GHM that tells the fascinating stories of Golden in ways that are intriguing, unique and hopefully even fun!

Please send me any thoughts you have about what would make the Astor House Museum and Clear Creek History Park more engaging to you. I look forward to meeting you this year!