American Museum of Western Art Collaboration

Abandoned Mine, Cripple Creek, Ernest Lawson, 1927

We know that this year has been a new kind of challenge for all teachers, and to show our appreciation, we have teamed up with the American Museum of Western Art to create a fun and educational activity packet designed for 4th graders. The theme of this packet is mining, and in it students can learn about the Colorado Gold Rush, discover mining superstitions, explore some historic paintings that depicted miners, and even find instructions on how to gold pan from home.  

Teachers will be sent a digital copy for free, but teachers or families that want to try out the packet themselves can reach out to our education team at and get a printed copy along with some mining-themed goodies! You can also download it here.

This is an entirely free resource that was created with Colorado 4th graders in mind, but is available to anyone that wants to give it a go. We would love to see any and all projects that students make from this packet, or other reactions from students! Learn more about the education team at the American Museum of Western Art. If you enjoy these activities or have suggestions for future themes, reach out to us! We would love to continue to make resources for you and your students.