Astor House Update 6/6/2018

In 2016, Astor House closed to undergo a major structural rehabilitation. The foundation was shored, basement retaining walls poured, new steel beams and columns installed, and new water drainage system built. The museum, which suffered years of declining attendance, remained closed to review new options in order to have a more vital and sustainable operation. Preliminary plans and a feasibility study for a Colorado Beer Museum at the location showed that the museum would be highly popular, but would not function properly in such a small space. For that reason and others, City Council declined to move forward with the option. Over the past several months, staff has gathered information for Council to help inform a course of action. This May, Council directed staff to release a Request for Proposals (RFP) to the community for ideas and uses of the building. Release of the RFP is anticipated later this summer. For more information on Astor House, the rehabilitation, and plans for the building, subscribe to this blog to stay up to date.