Book reviewed by Center for Colorado and the West at Auraria Library

Earlier this month our republished book, A Woman’s Life in Golden, was reviewed by Kathryn Ordway, author of Colorado’s Rodeo Roots to Modern Day Cowboys and member of the Jefferson County Historic Commission.

The book contains 27 first-hand accounts of life in Golden, Colorado, and was originally published in 1980.

Ordway wrote, “A modern reader can easily track the progress of Colorado through the stories of these women. The book is a great read for one who wants to glimpse into the past and understand the trials and tribulations of women carving out a life on the edge of the mountains. The fact that it provides a rare woman’s perspective makes this book a must read for Colorado history, although an index would have made it a more accessible resource for those working in Colorado history.”

We love the book too and think you should have a copy for yourself, and maybe another one for a gift. Though it was out of print for some years, it is now available for only $12.95 (plus tax) at the Golden History Center, 923 10th St. in Golden.