Practical Navigation for the Casual Hiker @ Golden History Museum
Apr 20 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Practical Navigation

navigation while hikingJoin expert Aaron “Hutch” Hutchings as he teaches practical navigation skills, whether you are just taking a day hike or camping overnight. This class will teach you how to navigate on-trail or off-trail the next time you take a hike. Learn about your compass, make sure your phone is useful for wayfinding, and navigate when all you have is a trail map. Don’t worry about packing a calculator – this class will teach the simple, but realistic, navigational skills needed to find your way back to your car that you could have sworn was just around the next trail bend.

Aaron “Hutch” Hutchings is a Colorado native, veteran, and father of four. He was raised in the Rocky Mountains by a real mountain man and hunting guide he called Grandpa. His love for adventure was first sparked by his grandfather’s teaching and stories. This spark was blown into flame in the Boy Scouts and fanned to a full-on bonfire in the Marine Corps. Read more on Hutch’s website


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