Clear Creek History Park Revisited

I’ve been here close to two years now, and during that time, I know all the staff of Golden History Museums have been looking for ways to make Clear Creek History Park a more welcoming experience.  The past couple of years we’ve added regular Homesteaders’ Days to open up the structures and welcome visitors. Our flock of chickens has been popular for years. But Iron ranger completethere is so muchmap more we want you to know about these structures and their rich history. Now, at each entrance to the park there is a station where you can pick up a guide that is filled with information and stories about the Pearce homestead and the Guy Hill Schoolhouse. The next time you visit the park, pick up one of these guides (we would appreciate it if you would drop a small donation into the fee station to help us defray costs). You’ll discover nuances and depths about the park that you’ve never known before.

We’d like to thank the Golden Lions Club for their support for this project. Not only did the Lions donate the guide stations, they also installed them.

–Shelly Bleckley, Visitor Services Coordinator