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No one can know which events are “epic” as they’re happening—that knowledge comes with time and perspective. Open a newspaper from the past 150 years, or the web today, and you’ll find endless events: birth and death notices, election results, disasters, advertisements to buy and sell everything. While the Epic Events exhibit showcases over three dozen events, it only scratches the surface. Use this timeline to peruse hundreds more from the past century and a half.

Historic Golden Newspapers

The Golden Library donated a majority of their Local History Collection to Golden History Museums early in 2015. The collection consists of books, directories, research files, maps and microfilmed Golden newspapers. Unfortunately, this collection is currently unavailable to the public. A team of dedicated staff and volunteers are currently cataloging the donation to ensure its care and preservation.

The good news is that Golden History Museums has adopted a new exhibit master plan for the Golden History Center which includes a dedicated resource library called History Lab. GHM intends to make this wonderful collection available at that time, along with other priceless resources on Golden history. The new resource library is planned for 2018.

In the meantime, some of the same resources may be accessed through other regional organizations listed below. If you’re looking for Golden newspapers, the Stephen H. Hart Library and Research Center at History Colorado maintains a duplicate set of microfilmed Golden newspapers including:

western mountaineer front pageThe Western Mountaineer 12/7/1859-12/20/1860

Colorado Transcript (AKA Daily Transcript, Golden Daily Transcript, Golden Transcript) 12/19/1866-1/1/2011

Golden Globe 3/22/1873-5/26/1917

Jefferson County Republican 11/20/1919-6/30/1948

Jefferson County Transcript 12/3/1991-10/15/1999

Other Trusted Resources

We offer the following links to help you find the right local, county and state resources for your own needs. We use these same websites for our own research, and we know there’s always something new to discover.


Jefferson County Historical Society


Jefferson County Archives


Golden Landmarks Association


Denver Public Library Western History Resources

Jeffco Historical Commission


Foothills Genealogical Society of Colorado

Jeffco Stories

Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection


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