Farewell to Golden History Museums

I began my short tenure as Interpretation and Operations Coordinator here at Golden History Museums in April of 2011. I had lived in Indiana my whole life up until that month and I was a through-and-through Hoosier.

In my time here, I’ve discovered the joys of what Golden offers. The volunteers that I worked with are a dedicated and passionate group who love this place and the history of the town. The staff are professional, forthcoming, creative and fun. The infrastructure of the City of Golden government provides needed support and crucial maintenance functions.

It has truly been a full and enjoyable year and month here for me. Golden History Museums formulated a new strategic plan this past summer and has rolled out a plethora of new programming, designed and implemented a new collections policy, unveiled a redesigned website and provided more access to the History Park through expanded hours and new facilitated experiences.

It has been a joy to be a part of so many new and exciting initiatives at the museum. I will watch the continued progress of the museum from afar with great interest.

I’m headed to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to be Manager of Visitor Programs. Hopefully I’ll see y’all around both here in beautiful Golden as well as at Museum of Nature and Science.

All the best to all and here’s a final “howdy folks!” for the road.