Golden Lions Rebuild Chicken Coop Fence at the Clear Creek History Park

Yesterday four intrepid gentlemen from the Golden Lions Club came out to the Clear Creek History Park to rebuild one side of our chicken coop’s fence. Ken Park, Larry Skaggs, Kevin O’Connor and John Spice joined forces (armed with hammers, levels, drills, and shovels) to remove the decrepit and rapidly rotting south side of the coop fence.

Golden Lions Club members level the new posts at the CCHP chicken coop.

The worst of the work was digging out the old cement footing to make sure we could dig down deep enough for the new posts. Once the posts were in, the guys put in cross braces and then stapled new chicken wire across the length of the fence. Then they stacked fieldstone along the bottom of the fence to thwart the chicken-eating varmints. The job clocked in at just under six hours total to complete, and it looks fantastic.

So, from all the staff at GHM and our flock of chickens, we thank the Lions (in particular Larry, Ken, John, and Kevin) for lending their expertise to rebuilding the fence at our coop. Swing by to check it out soon!