Helpful Hints for Holiday Shoppers

Local holiday shopping in Golden

Since it’s the time of year for local holiday shopping in Golden, enjoy this excerpt from the Colorado Transcript, dated December 21, 1911.


Duncan Harrison’s City Drug Store was located at 1206 Washington Avenue in the center of this triple storefront he built.

Christmas candies—fresh, pure and full weight. The most delicious kinds and at tempting prices. Koenig Mercantile Co.

Tool Sets, Tool Cabinets, Tools of all kinds at Linder’s.

Dolls, books, and all kinds of Christmas toys at Frank Gow’s.

A nice assortment of Christmas cards at Dollison’s.

Combs, brushes, toilets articles, etc., for the Christmas trade. You will find our stock so varied that a gift that can be appreciated will be readily found. D. E. Harrison.

Our Christmas handkerchiefs will delight you. They are dainty and fresh. Dollison.

Bissel’s Carpet Sweepers at Linder’s.

Linder's Hardware once located at 1217 Washington Avenue.

Linder’s Hardware was once located at 1217 Washington Avenue.

Still shopping in Denver?

What’s the use of running to Denver for toys when Frank Gow has such a good assortment?

Our toilet soaps will turn a black man white. Dollison.

All kinds of Christmas candies, nuts, raisins and sweetmeats. Koenig Mercantile Company.

Hand-painted china made in Golden, Linder’s.

A fine line of Christmas cards. Show your friends they are in your thoughts by a dainty Christmas reminder. D. E. Harrison.

Bargains in all millinery at Mrs. Cleveland’s.

Christmas toys. The right kind and the right price. Gow’s.

Buy his socks and ties to match at Dollison’s.

Electric irons, gasoline irons, at Linder’s.

Christmas stationary. A present that never fails to please man, woman or child. We have an assortment that the most fastidious can choose from and be satisfied. D. E. Harrison.

Christmas fruits, the very best the market affords. A big stock and at the right price. Koenig Mercantile Company.

Whips, robes and horse clothing at Linder’s.

Christmas candies, nuts, toys and Christmas tree decorations. Gow’s.

She will surely appreciate your gift to her if you send a bottle of perfume, the kind that lasts. D. E. Harrison.

Boys wagons and sleds at Linder’s.

Stuck on what to buy today?

Socks, ties and perfume never go out of style, but when was the last time you bought a whip? Best of luck with your holiday shopping.

Please note that these fine Golden merchants are no longer in business.

Mark Dodge, Curator