Hopping into Spring at the History Park

Spring brings new beginnings, not least of which can be found in the gardens. Golden History Museums began growing hops for AC Golden Brewing Company last year. Their Colorado Native beer uses primarily Colorado-grown ingredients and so we decided (or more accurately, Jessica decided) to help out by growing some hops at the Clear Creek History Park. Today Steve Rockwell from AC Golden Brewing Company came out to help get our hops ready for the season. The hop rhizomes had already started sending out long, spiny shoots, so Steve and I clipped them back so that they will grow back stronger as a result of being stressed.                                                                                                                                                                        Below are before clipping and after clipping photos. Eventually our hops will climb ropes attached to an 18 foot pole and will be harvested in the fall.  


Be sure to swing by the History Park to check out the hops. While you’re there, take a look at the new fence that some Golden History Museum volunteers and I built around the community gardens on the east side of the Park. Below is a picture of the fence. This new fence is a more historic pole and post-style fence and fits in with the landscape much better.