Innovation Lab and the Golden Fire Department

Since opening in early October, the Innovation Lab at the Golden History Center has seen no shortage of out-of-the-box thinkers. Over the past two months our visitors have contributed ideas from the practical to the visionary in response to our prompt:

“What can you invent that would help the fire department to improve and continue to help the people of Golden?”

With over 40 submissions, the Golden firefighters may have a difficult time deciding which innovative design will be chosen to receive a Golden Fire Department T-shirt. We’re pleased to see so much excitement and involvement. After all, the mission behind our Made in Golden exhibit is not simply to tell the stories of our local Golden innovators, but to promote the idea that innovation is not limited to brainiacs and rocket scientists.

Creative thinking is accessible to all! Some highlights include: using fireproof robotic hoses that would fight fires on their own, and embedding computer chips in ceilings to detect fires and communicate with the fire department. Other suggestions are to employ dogs in fire-proof suits to rescue their cat friends, or to encase a burning home in a bubble to restrict the flow of oxygen to the fire and extinguish it without water.

Thank you all for your ideas, and come back soon and check out the next innovation lab prompt! It’s sure to get the creative ideas rolling.

–Katie March, Interpretation Coordinator

ceiling fire micro chip robotic hose bubble over house