Innovation Lab is inspiring creativity in GHM’s visitors

Golden History Museums’ newest exhibit Made In Golden: Where Innovation Lives has a new interactive component which asks visitors to come up with innovative ideas to solve problems facing our community. The “Innovation Lab” has gotten great participation, with nearly 200 creative responses since the exhibit opened. Here’s the first prompt that we asked people to respond to:

The Golden Sustainability Initiative strives to lower Golden’s greenhouse gas emissions. Within 10 years, the city aims to reduce energy usage by 25% and increase renewable energy sources to 50%. If you were part of the initiative, how would you help create a cleaner, more sustainable Golden?

Check out some of our visitor responses in the video below.

Responses varied to include increasing the use of some already known technologies, such as “City-wide compost” or “Hydropower on Clear Creek.” Some responses proposed some drastic changes such as “Close off Washington to create a downtown Golden walking mall” or “No More Plastic Bottles.” Other responses were a little more out-of-the-box or controversial like “Close off Clear Creek to visitors” or “Stop all the hot air coming out of Al Gore.” The purpose of the activity is not to determine which ideas are feasible, correct, or worthwhile – but to give visitors an outlet for their thoughts and to encourage creativity.

Stop by the Golden History Center Tuesday through Sunday to see our newest prompt and share your ideas. This month, the prompt is sponsored by the Golden Fire Department who will be giving out a prize to the most innovative idea that can improve the ways they help people and save lives.

Thanks to GHM staffer Gayla McGoldrick for producing the video! Stay tuned to the blog for more about Made in Golden.

–Katie March, Interpretation Coordinator