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All camps are full-day only, Monday through Friday. Please refer to the schedule to see summer 2022 dates.

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Pioneer Kids & Art Explorers

Ages 6 – 8

Travel back to the wild and woolly Golden of the mid-1800s. In the morning, explore what it was like growing up on a ranch while you work, learn, and play like pioneer kids. Tell a tall tale to entertain your fellow campers and take care of the chickens. After lunch, experience and examine various forms of art from the modern era through centuries past. Experiment with different types of mediums to create your own masterpieces ranging from hand-woven crafts to colorful pottery.

Dirty Jobs & History Mystery

Ages 6 – 8

Try your hand at some of the dirty jobs that kept this town alive and kicking back in the day. Dig into mining, see if you have what it takes to make pottery at a porcelain plant, and seek out a story for the newspaper. After lunch, put on your thinking cap and grab your magnifying glass as you step back in time to solve a history mystery! Campers will discover the magic of invisible ink, send messages to each other in code, and hunt for clues.

New! Frontier Explorers

Ages 9 – 12

Come and explore how early pioneers survived on the homestead. Campers will explore history, science, engineering, and art as they learn the medicinal properties of plants, build shelters, dig for minerals, build water wheels, dip candles, and more. Do you have what it takes?

Silent Stars

Ages 9 – 12

Kids will form production teams to write, direct, film, and star in their own silent movie, just like the type shown in theaters in the 1920s. After editing footage and producing the final cut, campers will host a fun premiere and see their work on the big screen with family and friends!