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camp themesDirty Jobs

Try your hand at some of the dirty jobs that kept this town alive and kicking. Dig into mining, see if you have what it takes to make pottery at a porcelain plant, and seek out a story for the newspaper. We’re digging up Golden’s history and it’s time to grab your work gloves and help out!

Kids will participate in activities like: brick making, cowboy roping and leather tooling, gold panning, making paper and printing their own headlines, making pottery, visiting the chickens, a visit to the CSM Geology Museum blacksmithing, and more!

camp themesPioneer Kids

Travel back to the wild and woolly Golden of the mid-1800s. Learn what it was like growing up on a ranch while you work, learn, and play like pioneer kids. Tell a tall tale to entertain your fellow campers, cook on the woodstove, take care of the chickens, and mind your manners around our one-room-schoolhouse teacher.

Kids will participate in activities like: beekeeping, schoolhouse lessons, gardening, tying knots, sewing, dressing in pioneer clothes, cooking on a woodstove, making clothespin dolls and candles, doing pioneer chores, and playing games like ice-block races, tug-of-war, and more!

camp themesDecision Makers

Travel back in time and make your own decisions about the future of Golden. Take on the role of a historic character and work as a team to ensure that Golden prospers. How will the mayor vote on the railroad issue? What landmarks will you create as part of the New Deal? How would history be different if you were in charge?

Kids will create their own towns by playing games and completing activities that will reward them with buildings and services. Campers will: have a water balloon fight to learn about water rights, complete a police training course and tour the Golden Fire Department, ride in real a Model A car, create their own soda flavor to build a soda fountain, and more!

camp themesArt Explorers

From the stage to the canvas and architecture to fashion, campers will explore popular forms of art from today and centuries past. Use paints, brushes, and fabrics to create memorable projects to take home. Line-dance like a Colorado cowboy, juggle in a Vaudeville show, and Jitterbug like a ‘20s flapper.

Kids will participate in activities like: Create works of art using lines, dots, shapes, and colors, make petroglyphs and beaded pouches, design their own fashion and architecture, perform a radio play and vaudeville show, dance the waltz, jitterbug, and Macarena, and more!

camp themesSilent Stars (9–12 only)


New this year: This is a full-day camp only!

Kids will form production teams to write, direct, create costumes, film, and star in their own silent movie, just like the type shown in theaters in the 1920s. After editing footage and producing the final cut with professional tools (MacBook, iMovie), campers will host a fun premiere and see their work on a big screen with family and friends!

Check out all our Silent Stars videos here.



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