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Third Grade

Confirmation Information [PDF] (updated 9/2021)

Community Profile Packet [PDF]

Use this packet to introduce your students to the six featured communities represented in the program. Please assign each group a community and review the provided community profiles. You may either complete the pre-lesson worksheet or simply review the communities with your students before the program. Familiarity with vocabulary will enhance the student experience.

Pre-lesson worksheet

Answer key

Post-lesson links and resources

Fourth Grade

Confirmation Information [PDF] (updated 9/2021)

Everything you need to know before the Building Colorado program arrives in your classroom including how to prepare your classroom. Reading this beforehand will mean that your class will get the most possible time for game play and learning.

Parent Take-Home Sheet [PDF]

Email this sheet or print it to send home with students so that parents will know what their child did during the program. Gives great talking points to parents to help them engage and extend their learning.

Pre-Visit Lesson: Vocabulary

Lesson takes between 20 minutes and 60 minutes
If you are only going to do one additional lesson, this is the one to pick! Having your students learn or review vocabulary before the program begins will mean that they have more time for game play. Link includes a simple lesson to teach vocabulary, or you are welcome to create your own lesson using the provided vocabulary. Definitions also available in Spanish.

Post-Visit: Wrap-up

Lesson takes between 10 minutes and 40 minutes
A quick and easy lesson: because the Building Colorado program is jam-packed with fun and learning, we often don’t get to do a full wrap-up of the activity. This lesson will give your students time to revisit, reflect, and extend the key concepts from the program and help the teacher to understand what was the most impactful.

Post-Visit Lesson: Primary Sources

Lesson takes between 40 minutes and 90 minutes
This lesson will help you teach the student to analyze a primary source and use literacy and observation techniques to access the information within that source.

Post-Visit: Borderlands

Lesson takes between 60 minutes and 90 minutes
After learning some basics about Colorado history, this lesson will help your students understand why borders in Colorado changed and how that affected citizens living in the areas which suddenly switched nations because of a treaty.