New gallery celebrates the people of Golden

In 2016 Golden History Museum & Park started conceptualizing a new and dynamic exhibit program. Keeping people front and center was a priority, so we designed a gallery dedicated to sharing personal life stories. After all, it’s Golden’s people that make this such a vibrant community.

Portia Masterson, owner and manager of Self-Propulsion, Inc. for 24 years. Portia made this bike “rig” for one of Golden’s many parades.

Legendary People 

So many have called this place home: nomadic Native Americans, adventurous miners, cunning politicians, innovative business owners, hard-working students, and curious tourists—we claim you all.  Whether you’re a lifelong resident or just passing through, this gallery is dedicated to you. You may find famous individuals like brewer Adolph Coors and railroad pioneer George Pullman, or lesser-known but just as influential ones like educator Gertrude Bell and Olympic athlete Lindsey Horan.

Martin Luther King, Jr. sums it up well: We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.

21 women featured when museum reopens:

Georgina Brown  Gertrude Bell 
 Alice Dempsey  Barbara Foss
 Dorothy Foss  Gudy Gaskill
 Candy Givens  Mabel Herron
 Karen Hertz  Pansy Hook
  Mary Hoyt     Lindsey Horan
 Verna Katona  Margaret Isely
 Jean Miller Portia Masterson
 Eugenia Mitchell    Vina Ramstetter
 Juanita Smith    Lorraine Wagenbach
 Virginia Weigand  

Can’t wait until we open? Watch this interview with Gudy Gaskill from the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame: 

Everyone has a story to share. If you know of a Golden mover and shaker we should feature, tell us! Who knows, maybe we’ll feature you someday!

–Mark Dodge, Curator