Nominate People for Face to Face Exhibit

Charles Welch

Charles Welch by Leila Reece

Almost 75 years ago the Golden History Museums (GHM), then called the Jefferson County Museum, commissioned a set of portraits commemorating notable individuals and their contributions to the Golden community. The paintings included the likes of William Loveland, George West, and William Sarell, among others. Museum artist Leila Reece painted the portraits and carpenter, Lesley Beasley, hand-carved each frame.

Fast forward to today. In celebration of Golden History Museums’ 75th birthday, it’s high time we do it again, but with a twist. We’ve invited Rick Souders, renowned photographer at Souders Studios in Golden, to create a new set of portraits. We’re planning to create about 14 portraits which will be exhibited at the Golden History Center in February of 2013.

This is where you come in. Who do you think best represents Golden today? Who are some of the most influential people in our city? Maybe they are artists or activists, teachers or researchers, politicians or business and industry leaders. Think about whose ideas and deeds have sparked dialogue and dissent, making Golden the best place in the world to live. GHM will take your nominations and then choose the finalists.

GHM is accepting nominations via our website at Fill out the online form with your contact information, the name of the individual you want to nominate (they must be living), what they did, and why they should be included in the exhibit. You can also call our Face to Face hotline during regular hours, at 303-278-3557. Operators are standing by to take your ideas. Nominations will be accepted until July 31 at 4:30 p.m. Submissions will be sorted by, but not limited to, the following six categories: politics, academics/education, religion/spirituality, arts and sciences, athletics, and business/industry. The museum will make final selections in August 2012.

Thanks for help!