In the mid-to-late 1980s, the Jefferson County Historical Commission embarked on an ambitious Place Names Project to research, document, and catalog known geographic place names in Jefferson County, both contemporary and historic. A large committee was established, and its members scoured USGS quadrangles, history books, and other sources to write descriptions of areas with which they were familiar. The database of almost 2,500 entries was first placed on the county’s website in the 1990s. In 2020 it was transferred to Golden History Museum & Park, City of Golden.

Still a work in progress, you can peruse the descriptions here. We are continually refining the contents. Let us know if you see any errors.

Valley Addition

B.F. Wadsworth subdivided this land April 2, 1890. This was an area platted into acreages for small farm and residential living. It has since been replatted and is now mostly commercial.

Valley Station

Valley Station is a descriptive name. The station was located in the “Bottoms” or in the valley between Wheat Ridge and Arvada.

Valley Water District

The District was established in 1956 and contracts with the Denver Water Board for its water.

Van Arsdale Elementary School

This school was named for Wayne Van Asrdale, who served on the Jefferson County R-1 School Board from 1958- 1971. The school was built in 1994.

Van Bibber Creek

This creek was named for Isaac Van Bibber, whose farm was in the vicinity of the creek in 1859. When the creek reached Arvada, it was called Dry Creek because there was little water left when it joined Ralston Creek at Garrison Street.

Van Bibber Creek Site

Ancient man’s living quarters unearthed. Three cultural zones representing time spans ranging from 190 B.C. through A.D. 900. History, natural setting and excavation studied in detail. Tributary (left-hand) of South Platte River. Upper reaches followed by Drew Hill Road after leaving Tucker Gulch. Colorado Gazetteer, 1906; Hayden Atlas, 1873-6, 1877.

Van Bibber Farm

A Colorado Argonaut, Isaac Van Bibber, was in business with David McCarty on Larimer Street in 1859. By June 5, 1859, Isaac Vanbiber entered a farm claim of 160 acres, which was not filed for record until Oct. 15, 1861. He was listed on the 1860 Kansas Territory U.S. Census as John Bibber, age 42, Kentucky miner. The census also noted that he was located in the Enterprise District of Arapahoe County, Kansas Territory, on September of 1860, Post Office Quartz Valley. Isaac Vanbibber sold his property in Jefferson County, Colorado Territory to Gilbert N. Belcher on May 1, 1862. Isaac Van Bibber’s name was spelled in various ways on legal documents.

Van Tuyl House

Designed by architect John C. Wright in 1905, it is one of the few houses in Golden that can be classed as truly Colonial architecture.

Vanderhoof Elementary School

This R-1 District school was built in 1968 and named for Thomas D. Vanderhoof, Coach at Arvada High School from 1922 until 1947.

Vanover Park

Completed in 1990 and officially dedicated on July 22, 1990, during Buffalo Bill Days. The park is built on the site of the former Golden Trailer Court (also known as McDougal Trailer Park).

Vasa Park

Swedish immigrants had an organization called “Vasa Order in America” named for the Swedish King Gustaf Vasa, who was the “George Washington of Sweden.” This was a very important social center for these people. The property was purchased by the George G. Klumker Chapter #22, Disabled American Veterans, in the late 1946.

Vasquez River

Vasquez River is another name used for Vasquez Fork (Clear Creek) during the gold rush of 1859-60s.

Vasquez School

Founded as District #32, 1883. Land donated by James A. Lewis and Jacob H. Brown “for school purposes only”. Minutes of District #32 in 1901 name abruptly became “Fruitdale” as community was called, no explanation or reason given. Served as elementary school until 1978, then Jefferson County Adult Education Center. 1985, preschool, day care, preschool training center, 1989.

Vermillion Ranch

Miss Anne Vermillion owned and operated the 1,000-acre ranch around 1900, living in a large log house which stood until 1970. It was torn down and rebuilt in the Boulder area, the logs having been numbered and re-assembled. The Colorado & Southern Railroad narrow gauge line ran through the ranch, having a “whistle-stop” on the property.

Vinall Farm

This 1 1/2 story, 1,088 square foot wood frame bungalow was built in 1929. The house has a cross-section gabled roof built on a square plan on a brick foundation.

Virginia Mine

This coal mine operated in the Foothills Coal Field from 1933 to 1939. Total mines production was 40,947 tons and was operated by Littleton Coal Company from 1933 to 1936, and the Jefferson Coal Company 1936 to 1939. The sub-bituminous 5′ to 11′ coal steam had a 70 degree pitch. The site is now a subdivision.

Vivian Elementary School

Built in 1955. Named for John F Vivian, who was Mayor of Golden (1901-1909) and six United States Presidents named him to various positions. John C Vivian, his son (Colorado Governor) sold the land for the school.