Cactus Club Outdoor Theatre

AddressRilliet Park, 1 mi. W. of Lookout Mtn., 80401
QuadEvergreen, 1965 (1994)
SectionS6 & 7, T4S, R70W
SourceInterviews, Rilliet Park Association Board Members, 1997; "City and Mountain Views," April 1998; James Grafton Rogers Research Paper, Western History Department, Denver Public Library; Lomand, "Mt. Vernon Canyon Past to Present."
OtherRilliet Park Association
Initialdate1998-08-15 00:00:00-06
Latestdate2012-11-28 00:00:00-07
HistoryDenver Cactus Club members leased Lookout Mountain land from private owners of the Rilliet Park Association to establish a "natural amphitheater" for summer productions from 1919 to 1931. Members volunteered to build picnic tables, a "Cactorium" shack for storage, crude seating for the audience, and "special effects" within the forest next to a small stream. The privately owned area was accessed off Lookout Mountain Road on Krestview Road. The Rilliet Park Association donated a "conservation easement" of 273.5 acres to the Clear Creek Land Association on December 29, 1997. This protects the land, including the Cactus Club site, from future development in perpetuity in its present natural, undeveloped, primitive, open space condition.