Cheesman Dam Watchman’s House

AddressCheesman Lake, 4 mi. S.W. of Deckers
QuadCheesman Lake, 1956 (1978)
SectionS6, T10S, R70W
SourceColorado Cultural Resource Survey #5JF354, 1985, Colorado Historical Society.
Initialdate1998-12-07 00:00:00-07
HistoryThis c. 1930s Watchman's House was built to replace the original that burned down. The structure is located 80 meters to the west from the northeast end of Cheesman Dam spillway. There is a path from the porch at the south end of the house to a footbridge above the spillway. The gabled roof brick house has a full basement and screened porch on a poured cement foundation on the south end of the house. Cement and masonry retaining walls border a terrace made for the house. Outbuildings include a storage shed near the house built into the granite masonry terracing at the north end.