Christian Church

AddressBetween Ford & Jackson on 10th St., Golden, 80401
QuadGolden, 1980
SectionS34, T3S, R70W
SourceArps, "Faith on the Frontier"; Burn Ham & Palmer, "The Christian Church," p. 23; "Colorado Transcript," Sept. l7; Brown, "The Shining Moun tains," p. 86; Interview, Lorraine Wagenbach.
OtherT. Golden DAR Papers.
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HistoryThe Christian Church was organized c. 1868. In 1870 the congregation purchased a lot on the north side of Clear Creek for the sum of $225.00. In May, 1873, under the direction of Berty Stover, a church was erected. The Church was built in a modified Gothic style. It was 32 feet by 56 feet with a seating capacity of 400. At the time the church was built there were 80 people in the congregation. In 1907 the church was sold. According to Georgina Brown in “The Shining Mountains,” the last preacher became involved with a member of his congregation and the church building had to be sold for its mortgage. Golden High School was built on the church site in 1923.