Dargin Mine

QuadGolden, 1965 (1994)
Source"WPA History of Golden, Jefferson County, Colorado," WPA Project #3548, DAR Pioneer Museum, p. 442, 447,851
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HistoryD.G. Dargin claim at the summit of the mountain. The mine is down to ten feet. December 29, 1883, Koch, Dargin, and Bellan make a mineral strike near the head of Dead Man's Gulch. There is a prominent outcropping of a crevice containing copper and silver in the form of oxides and sulphurites. January 26, 1884, at the Dargin Mine the rock is colored with malachite and azurite, green and blue, with copper pyrite available. October 4, 1884, Dargin has located a zinc mine in Chimney Gulch. March,4,1883, Dargin name the Chimney Gulch lode "The Campion." The shaft is 100 feet down and the ore rich in iron carbonate. November 14,1888, D.G. Dargin is listed as Golden City Marshal.