Davis Brothers Florists, Inc.

Address3701 Jay St. (Ruby Ct.), Wheat Ridge 80033
QuadArvada, 1965 (1980)
SectionS25, T3S, R69W
SourceDavis Brothers Florists, Inc., records; "Sentinel," pp. 16-17, 1989.
Initialdate1991-06-11 00:00:00-06
HistoryA 1930s Davis Brothers Florists' calendar proudly displays and aerial photograph of the company's office, warehouse, and greenhouses with a caption boasting, "One hundred sixty-seven thousand square feet of glass devoted exclusively to the growing of carnations of superior quality. Grown a mile nearer the sun with keeping qualities miles ahead." Davis Brothers also had 30 consigned growers whose production they handled. Greenhouses were located throughout the Wheat Ridge area, some owned by former Davis employees, such as Homer Hill at 7901 W. 32nd Avenue, who was awarded numerous national prizes as a premier carnation grower. At first heat was provided by coal stoked furnaces and later natural gas. The flowers were shipped by rail and trucks all over the nation, as well as abroad. Air freight replaced rail and truck. At one time flowers were the largest airlift commodity out of Denver's Stapleton Airport. Davis Brothers Florists was dissolved in 1979.