Deacon’s Bench

Address106 Stone St., Morrison 80465
QuadMorrison, 1965 (1994)
SectionT4S, R70W, S35
Elevationc. 5750
SourceState Inventory Form, Lorene Horton, August 28, 1975, Hiwan Homestead Museum Library.
Initialdate1998-07-09 00:00:00-06
HistoryArchitect John Ross designed this c.1880 1-1/2 story, Victorian, frame, high gabled, house with shiplap siding. It has a left side front entrance and small rectangle windows. John Ross had a lumber business in Evergreen and sold lumber all the way down Bear Creek to Denver. He had lumber mills along Bear Creek. It was his employees and business associates that used this guest house. In 1921, it was purchased by the Pillar of Fire Church and used intermittently as a rental residence and to house the church's pre-school nursery. Since the late 1980s it has been a tea room with a quaint outside garden and a antique shop on the attic, "Deacon's Attic Antique Shop." In front was "Deacon's Bench," a passenger pick-up for the stage.