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Denver, Bradford & Blue River Road

SourceCultural Contexts report, 2004, p 18
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Historyfrom the Cultural Contexts report, 2004: Denver, Bradford & Blue River Road (1861) Major Robert Bradford developed this toll road to access Park County and points west. He received a charter from Colorado Territory on October 11, 1861 for the road, which went from Denver via Bradford on to Hamilton to reach Breckenridge. Bradford’s partners were George D. Bayaud, Luther A. Cole, Daniel McCleery, J. W. McIntyre, A. McPhadden, and D. C. Vance. The road scaled “terrible” Bradford Hill, dropped into South Turkey Creek Canyon near Twin Forks, where it continued west and joined the road from Bergen Park at Bradford Junction (Conifer) to continue on into South Park. Toll fees were $1 per wagon and team, each additional span 25 cents, horsemen 10 cents, livestock 5 cents, sheep 1 cent. No toll was charged for people traveling to church services or a funeral.