Denver Coal Company Mine

QuadGolden, 1965 (1994)
Source"WPA History of Golden, Jefferson County, Colorado," WAP Project #3548, DAR Pioneer Museum, January 2, 1892, p. 479; November 25, 1893, p. 438, April 14, 1894,p. 485
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HistoryFebruary 5, 1891, Denver Coal Company mine began sinking its shaft . By January 1892 the shaft was down 500 feet. First level at 250 feet runs 72 feet to eight foot coal vein and 100 feet more to a 13 foot nine inch coal vein. Second level ran at 332 foot depth, third level at 417 foot depth and fourth level at 500 foot depth. Erected buildings included shaft house, bunk house, and boarding house. Output: 50 tons of coal daily. November 1893 mine's capacity is 200 tons daily, but only 50 tons daily produced due to the work market for coal due to high production of northern Colorado's coal field. April 1894, coal mine fire had been checked and 40 men are producing 100 tons of coal daily.