Denver Federal Center – Denver Ordnance Plant Building #8/ Denver Federal Center Building #45

AddressBounded by Building #48 and North Ave. to the north, Central Ave. to the south, Fourth St. to the east, and Fifth St. to the west, within Denver Federal Center, Lakewood, 80225
QuadFort Logan, 1965 (1994)
SectionS9, T4S, R69W
SourceHistoric Building Inventory #5JF1048.7, CHS
Initialdate1998-12-20 00:00:00-07
Latestdate2012-11-28 00:00:00-07
HistoryDesigned by the architectural firm of Smith, Hinchman & Grylis of Detroit, Michigan, this 74,710 sq. foot building was built by Broderick & Gordon in 1941 for the U.S. Army's Dept. of Ordnance. This building is a basic "L" plan with small irregularities. It is a one-story structure with brick exterior walls. The main entrance is at the west end of a small southward extension of the "L". Its original use was a ballistics proofing range. Originally designed to have nine firing ranges at its north end, the building was added to in 1942, to increase the number of ranges to 13. The longest of these firing ranges was in an underground tunnel which crossed under an existing road, terminating at the underground targets approximately 90 yards to the north of the northern edges of the building, giving the range a total length of 175 yards. Behind each of the targets was a large earth mound to stop stray bullets. The target ranges were removes during the 1950s, when the building was converted for use as office space, and in 1967, including the addition of the vertical metal louvers, and the filling of several window openings with bricks. At this time nearly the entire interior of the building was renovated.