Denver & Northwestern Railroad

AddressDenver City Tramway Company's power generating plant on Denver's west side. From the end of Berkeley Park street car line at Lakeside, west to Arvada, then north to Leyden coal mines
QuadArvada, 1950; Golden, 1944; Ralston Buttes, 1948.
SectionS13, T2S, R69W; S26, T2S, R70 W
Elevation5288- 5659-6162
SourceLaMessena, Robert A., Ronzio, R.A., Ryland, "Colorado's Gazeteer for Jefferson County"; Arvada Historical Society, "More Than Gold," pp. 86-93; Wilkins, "Colorado Railroads," pp. 137, 143.
OtherDenver and Intermountain Electric Railway
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Latestdate2012-11-28 00:00:00-07
HistoryThis railway was incorporated in 1901, for the purpose of hauling coal from the Leyden Mines to the Denver City Tramway Company's new power generation plant. Track gauge was 42" matching that of the Denver Tramway Company. Overhead conductors were installed for electrical operation, and power-cars made from standard gondolas were equipped with motor trucks and controls. A standard third gauge was added between Arvada and Leyden to accommodate Colorado and Southern cars. A branch to Golden, bringing the total track at Lakeside, was completed in 1904. In 1913, the Denver and Northwestern Railway and the Denver and Intermountain Electric Railway were absorbed by the Denver City Tramway Company. The routes from Sheridan Boulevard to Clear Creek Junction were: car 82 to Leyden; car 84 to Golden; and car 83 to Arvada. The Denver City Tramway Company was discontinued in1950.