Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad

AddressSheridan Blvd. to Moffat Tunnel
QuadArvada, 1950; Eldorado Springs, 1965 (1971)
SectionS12, T2S, R69W; S1, T2S, R71W
SourceNoel, Mahoney, and Stevens, "Historical Atlas of Colorado," p.29; "Jefferson County Map Series (Topographic)" Sheet-1; Arvada Historical Society, "Arvada Just Between You and Me," pp. 14, 34; Interview, Leonard Smith, 1880, Grandson of Albert Nelson; Wilkins, "Colorado Railroads," p. 229
SeealsoMoffat Tunnel
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HistoryOne of Colorado's outstanding railroads, the Denver and Rio Grande Western, absorbed the Denver and Salt Lake Western in 1934. The distance between Denver and Salt Lake City was shortened by 175 miles and put Arvada on a Trans-Continental mainline. By April 24, 1983, the last privately operated long distance passenger train, joined the government subsidized Amtrak agency.