Edgewater Police Department

Address5901 West 25th Ave. Edgewater, Colorado 80214
QuadFort Logan 1965 (1994)
SectionS36, T3S, R69W
SourceAllison, Judith, "Edgewater Four Score." Tautfest,L.T.,Edgwater Golden Anniversary." Coleman, Alice M., "The First Sixty Years." Interview, Cheryl Lang, Edgewater Police Department, 1997.
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HistoryIn the early 1900s law and order was kept by a Town Marshall and Deputies. In 1949 a Dodge was Edgewater's one and only police car. It had a two way radio connected to Jefferson County Sheriff's Department in Golden. The city jail was a single room behind the Town Hall, and the wives of the marshall or the human officer prepared meals for the prisoners. As Edgewater's population increased, Dean Putnam provided 24 hour protection for the City. The police department moved to new quarters that were a part of City Hall at 25th and Gray. These quarters were once a wooden garage that has been remodeled. In 1984 the police department grew from one full time officer to ten officers. In 1987 the police department moved to 5901 West 25th, which was previously Poindexters Grocery Store.