Edgewater Street Names

QuadFort Logan, 1965 (1994)
SectionS35, T3S, R69W
SourceTautfest, T.L., "Edgewater 50 Years Golden Anniversary," p. 23.
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HistoryThe original names of the streets have been named after the Presidents of the United States, with the exception of Calhoun Street. These names existed up until time of incorporation. The original names of the streets were Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Jackson, Van Buren, Calhoun, Harrison, Tyler, Polk, Taylor, Fillmore, Pierce, Lincoln, Grant, and Garfield. They were renamed Amers, Benton, Chase, Depew, Eaton, Fenton, Gray, Harlan, Ingalls, Jay, Kendall, Lamar, Marshall, Newland, Otis, and Pierce. On March 24, 1906, Denver renamed the East and West Avenues to coincide with Denver, and also, to establish a numbering system for streets and avenues. West 20th Avenue was known as Edgewater Boulevard, West 22nd and West 24th Avenues had no name, West 25th Avenue was known as Emerald, West 26th Avenue as Highlands Avenue.