Evans, Elihu, Farm

AddressBounded on the south by Ridge Rd., on the north by W. 60th Ave., on the west by Simms St., and on the east by Oak St.
QuadArvada 1950
SectionS9, T3S, R69W
Source"Portrait and Biographical Record of Denver and Vicinity." Chicago: Chapman Publishing Company, 1898. p. 832; Interview, 1973, Viola Crooks, daughter of great nephew; Elihu Evans' Diaries, 1860-1883; "Waters of Gold," Settlement Map of Arvada, and pp. 27,28.
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HistoryElihu Evans was born in Beaver County, Pennsylvania on December 20, 1825. He and his brother, Oliver, left for Colorado in 1860. For a short time the brothers worked in the saw and quartz mills in the mountains, and Elihu struck various gold claims. Elihu filed for a 160 acre homestead in Golden City, built a house in 1864, located north of West 58th Avenue (called Evans Road for many years), and received his patent from the United States government in 1869. Elihu was a carpenter by trade, but he also invented a section roller " to roll and mark out ground for irrigating and other purposes." The machine was patented in 1867. After Elihu moved to Loveland, his brother Oliver and sons took over the farm and lived there until his death in 1914.