AddressAt the junction of Hwy. 73 and Hwy. 74
QuadEvergreen, 1965 (1979)
SectionS10, T5S, R71W
SourceShaffer, "A Guide To Places In Colorado".
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HistoryEvergreen was platted by John MacBeth when he filed the plat for the estate of Mary N. Williamson on Nov. 20, 1919. The area was first called "The Post" in or near 1866 after Amos Post, son-in-law of Thomas C. Bergen (Bergen's Park). D.P. Wilmot bought a large land area (including The Post) in 1859, and became the first postmaster of Evergreen in 1874. The Post Office was named "Evergreen" by Ella Wilmot, sister of D. P. Wilmot. Evergreen had a post road-hack (delivery wagon) to Brookvale six times a week in the 1880s. It is presently the largest of Jefferson County's unincorporated mountain communities with an estimated 1997 population of 28,000.