Flatirons Cabin #1

AddressBetween Coal Creek Peak and El Dorado Mountain along Bull Gulch.
QuadEldorado Springs, 1965 (1971)
SectionS2, T2S, R71W
SourceCultural Resource Survey #5JF489, 1980, Colorado Historical Society.
Initialdate1998-11-20 00:00:00-07
HistoryThe site consists of the remains of a collapsed log cabin, a wooden platform and associated slash piles and a small depression. The site occupies stream terraces and surrounding small meadows along Bull Gulch at the base of a steep canyon. The c. 1920 vacation home cabin appears to have extended from a hill slope on supports. It was constructed of notched logs and milled lumber and door frames. Only the lower segments of the walls remain and these appear to have shifted downslope from their original locations. A platform is constructed of 10' x 10' roughly milled timbers. Its function is unknown. Both features use nails throughout. The small slash piles are located along the site's periphery. A depression approximately 70 cm. in diameter and 25 cm. deep is located in front of the cabin, its function unknown.