FM&D Copper Mine, aka Ferris Mc Caffrey Dillon Copper Mine

AddressExact location not determined. It is assumed to have been south of the Genesee Development, North of Lair o' the Bear Park (Bear Creek), along a Genesee Foundation mantained trail known as "Streamside" or the "Bear Creek Highland Loop"; Unicorporated Jef
QuadEvergreen 1994
SourceLocal long-time resident Stanley Thiede, City and Mountian Views (dec. 19960, "Mt. Vernon Canyon Past to Present" by Carole Lomond
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HistoryThe malachite vein containing copper was first discovered in 1866 and was worked periodically until 1917. Piles of timber, tailings, and a huge rusted-metal boiler remain at the site. Remnants of several crude buildings are also visible. The boiler provided energy to operate a crusher to produce sludge that was transported to smelters in Golden. Resident Stanley Thiede says his father worked on the FM&D in 1904 and again in 1917.