Foothill Mine

AddressOne half mile west of Idledale
Quad393904 N, 1051440 W, Morrison, 1965 (1994)
SectionS32, T4S, R70W
SourceBureau of Mines Information Report: Dec. 19, 1960; Feb. 11, 1965; June 26, 1961;Feb. 15, 1977; Jan. 3, 1963. Colorado Department of Natural Resources.
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Latestdate2012-11-28 00:00:00-07
HistoryPrecambrian Metamorphic Formation. This property was worked as a uranium mine from 1955 to March 1964. Water was kept out until Jan. 1965. Radiation was a problem in this mine until proper ventilation system was installed . A 200-foot ventilator and escape raise to surface was run during 1963 at a location just beyond the underground hoist. The lower three levels were developed through a four-foot by eight-foot two-inch compartment vertical winze (shaft?) some 315 feet in depth. The levels were run out and the vein or deposit and the ore stopped through to the main level. The level average 600 feet running southeast. Prospecting via the core drill method was carried on at great extent and several 1000 feet of core retrieved. The stopes were blocky and after the fill ore was pulled they caved readily. The upper workings are beings used by the Civil Defense Agency for shelter and supplies. 1965 production 805 pounds of uranium valued at 3,620 dollars. Surface area of Bear Creek: 1960 employed 9 men with monthly production of 800 tons. 1960 production of 23,934 pounds of U3O8 valued at 98,076 dollars 1970 report has five foot by seven foot tunnel going in westerly direction from portal. A raise goes out to surface at about 500 feet. Drift is about 650 feet to face. A winze goes down 250 feet about 500 feet in front of portal. 1977 property is being operated by Cutters. At this time they have cleaned up about 400 feet. They are heading for a shaft. 1963 production of 3,657 pounds of uranium valued at 62,169 dollars 1964 " " 3,756 " " " " " 75,000 dollars Mine officially closed 1978, shaft filled with water. Cotter Corp. Owners.