Genesee Fire Protection District

AddressGenesee Development, S. of I-70 between Exits 256 & 254. Fire House at intersection of Currant Dr. & Genesee Ridge Rd., 80401.
QuadEvergreen, 1994
SectionS13, 23, 24&25, T4S, R71W; S18, 19&30, T4S, R70W
Elevationc. 7400-7600
Source"City & Mountain Views", 'District Management', April 1994, October 1996; Lomond, "Mt. Vernon Canyon Past to Present."
Initialdate1998-08-15 00:00:00-06
Latestdate2012-12-03 00:00:00-07
HistoryAfter choosing to be "excluded" from the Idledale Fire District boundaries, Genesee real estate developers formed the Genesee Fire District in 1973. It serves approximately 1500 homes and the Genesee Business Center that total 3.4 square miles.