Genesee Ski Jump

AddressA drop from "Genesee Ridge", east of Genesee Park, south of I-70, southeast of exit 254, down to today's Chimney Creek Condominium Development; Unincorporated JeffCo, Golden Postal Zip Code 80401
QuadEvergreen, 1994
SectionS13, T4S, R71W
SourceRalston family interviews, 1996; "City and Mountain Views," (Feb. 1995); Lomond, "Mount Vernon Canyon Past to Present."
OtherGenesee Park
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HistoryIn 1919, Rocky Mountain Ski Club president, Dr. Menefee Howard (a dentist) persuaded wealthy Denver club members to establish a ski jump northeast of the summit of Genesse Mountain, which was owned by Denver Mountain Parks (1912). Mt. Vernon Canyon resident Lucian Ralston cleared a path for the jump on his ranch land. The hill was 1,000 feet long and had a grade of 35%. Thousands of people walked, rode horses, and drove cars to watch the "ski riders" perform. Several national championships were held there during the early 1920s. The jump was abandoned during the 1930s and revived by University of Denver Ski Team in the 1950s. Doctor Howard operated a fur farm on the land during the 1950s and 1960s until Genesse developers purchased the land in 1964. The site was considered for the proposed for the 1976 Winter Olympics, which was defeated by Colorado voters in 1972. The jump is still visible from I-70, above the Chimney Creek Condominium. The chimney from a large warming house still stands alongside the drive into the development.