Golden Gate Canyon

AddressColorado Highway 119 on W., Golden Gate State Park and lower Ralston Creek on N., Clear Creek Canyon on S., foothills between Clear Creek and Ralston Creek prairie on E.
QuadBlackhawk,1972; Golden,1965 (1979)
SectionS1, T3S, R72W; S20, T3S, R70W
Elevationc. 6213-10,195
SourceVillard, "The Past & Present of the Pike's Peak Gold Regions," p. 138; Ramstetter, "Life in the Early Days," pp. 25-26; Fanning, "Golden Times," p. 36. Jefferson County Historical Commission, "From Scratch," p. 24.
SeealsoTucker Gulch, Clear Creek Canyon.
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HistoryCanyon takes its name from the 1859 Pikes Peak gold rush community of Golden Gate City, named for Tom Golden, located at its mouth. This canyon offered an entry way for people and machinery to reach the mining district of Central City. On August 15, 1862, the Golden Gate and Gregory Toll Road Company was chartered and ran from the mouth of the canyon to Michigan House in Cold Springs Valley. The name has evolved to represent that Front Range region bounded roughly by Colorado Highway 119 on the west, the northern boundaries of Golden Gate State Park and lower Ralston Creek drainage on the north, Clear Creek Canyon on the south, and the foothills between Clear Creek and Ralston Creek prairie entrances. The canyon encompasses both Golden Gate Canyon State Park and White Ranch Open Space Park. The canyon occupies portions of Tungsten, Eldorado Springs, Black Hawk, Ralston Buttes, Golden, Evergreen and Squaw Pass quad maps. It was originally designated an eight-mile, east-west canyon that opens onto prairie one mile north of Clear Creek Canyon (see Tucker Gulch).