Grand Camp Creek

AddressBear Creek
QuadMorrison 1965 (1974) Fort Logan 1965 (1974)
SectionT5S, R70W, S1 N1/2, T5S, R69W, S6 N1/2, S5 SW 1/4; T4s R69W, S32,33; T4S, R69W, S33,34,35, E1/2
Source"History of Colorado" by Jerome Smiley; Long expedition report
OtherLupton's Creek, Montana Creek, Bear Creek
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HistoryGrand Camp Creek was the original name of Bear Creek, given to it in 1815 by Auguste Pierre Chouteau and Jules de Munn. They were the leaders of a French trading party formed in St. Louis who came here in September of that year looking to trade with local tribes. The party of 47 men held a "grand council" with the Indians of the area at what is now Bear Creek in the mountains of Jefferson County. This name continued in use at least under the Long expedition in 1820.