Green Mountain

AddressBetween Alameda Parkway (east and south boundary), C470 west, 6th Avenue (north boundary)
QuadMorrison,1965; Fort Logan, 1965 (1994)
SectionS13&24, T4S, R70W S18&19, T4S, R69W
SourceBrown Georgia. "The Shining Mountains." B&B Printers: Gunnison, Colorado. 1976, p. 26; "76 Centenneial Stories About Lakewood," p. 66; Wilkinson, Bruce. 'Green Mountain Estate is for Sale.' "The Denver Post" 8 Jan. 1978:11E.
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HistoryGreen Mountain was used for hunting elk, deer, and jackrabbits. It covers over 7,000 acres, 900 hundred acres under irrigation by the Agricultural and Welch (Golden Flume) ditches. Green Mountain was formally part of the Hayden Brothers Ranch that stretched westward from Harrison Street to the Hogback. John and Lou Hayden acquired the land in the early 1900s by assembling hundreds of subdivided lots that had been sold during the 1880s. The sale of the 50- by 150-foot lots by mail throughout the U.S. and Great Britain was one of the first sales of this kind. Col. Jacob Downing previously owned the land. The Hayden brothers operated the cattle ranch through World War II. In 1941, the federal government began taking title of eminent domain through the ranch property for the Remington Arms Plant, now the Federal Center. The Hayden's donated 360 acres to Jefferson County Fairgrounds for the Westernaires and their needs, plus land for an Open Space park in memory of William F. Hayden. The majority of Green Mountain has been donated by or purchased from the Hayden family since 1972 with funding from Jeffco Open Space and the City of Lakewood.