Gregory Road

Address22 mi. long from mouth of Golden Gate Canyon Road to Black Hawk
QuadRalston Buttes, 1965 (1971); Black Hawk, 1972; Golden, 1965 (1980).
SectionS30, T2S, R72W; S7, T3S, R72W; S20, T3S, R70W.
Elevationc. 6600-9400
SourceRichardson, "Beyond the Mississippi, 1857-1867," p. 196; "Georgetown Courier," October 7, 1913; W.H. Kidd, in Reports from Colorado: Hafen, L.R. and A.W., compilers, p. 99; "Daily Transcript," 'The Lost Highway,' December 1, 1978, pp. 9, 12.
SeealsoKoch Gulch
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HistoryThis was the first wagon road into the mountains north of Clear Creek Canyon. It opened with fire wheels May 4, 1859 and was about 22 miles long. It was engineered by John Gregory to accommodate supplies of gold seekers from Indiana. The road left Golden Gate City in S20, T35, R70W, Golden Quad. It climbed 7,120 feet to enter the mountain and proceeded west/northwest along the back of the mountains. It reached Guy Gulch through Booten Gulch at S17, T3S, R71W Ralston Buttes Quad. It thence approximated contemporary Golden Gate Canyon Road as far as Dory Hill in S30, T2S, R72W, Black Hawk Quad. The road proceeded south down the west fork of Four-mile Gulch staying west of principal gulch to reach Clear Creek in S7, T3S, R72W Black Hawk Quad. The eastern most portion, from prairie west to Guy Gulch, was used less than two months by gold seekers. "The road was exceedingly steep and difficult to ascend. On arriving at the summit, I was astonished beyond measure at the scenery..."