Guy Gulch

Address7.5 mi. long; largest canyon opening on Clear Creek Canyon from N.
QuadRalston Buttes, 1965 (1971); Evergreen, 1965 (1979); Black Hawk, 1965.
SectionT3S, R71W & 72W
Elevationc. 6600-7410
SourceInterview, Mary Termentozzi, early Guy Gulch resident; Denver Mountain Parks Map, 1942.
SeealsoClear Creek Canyon; Guy Gulch Wagon Road.
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Latestdate1996-09-05 00:00:00-06
HistoryAbout 7.5 miles long, this is the largest canyon opening on Clear Creek Canyon from the north. It was named for John Guy, the first settler to homestead in the gulch in 1859. It was full of beaver dams prior to settlement. It accommodated a well-traveled wagon road between Clear Creek and the upper regions of Golden Gate Canyon. It was considered by Loveland for a railroad route; by the time railroad construction reached the mouth of the gulch, Loveland decided to continue on up Clear Creek Canyon. The lowest mile of the gulch is the roughest; the wagon road was eventually abandoned. Foot traffic used a game trail that climbs over the ridge between Guy and Huntsman Gulches (see 1942 Denver Mountain Parks Map) to where the railroad ran on the north side of Clear Creek. A stop on the Colorado Central Railroad. (See Evergreen Quad, Railroad Bridges and Depots, Clear Creek Region, Jefferson County.)