Harold D. Lutz Sports Complex

AddressW. 58th Ave., Between Miller & Oak St., Arvada, 80002
QuadArvada, 1965 (1980)
SectionS9, T3S, R69W
SourceNorth Jeffco Files; "The Golden Globe," 'State Home and Training School,' March 12, 1910.
OtherState Home & Training School.
Initialdate1994-02-28 00:00:00-07
Latestdate2012-12-03 00:00:00-07
HistoryLand for a Sports Complex at 58th and Miller Street was acquired in a 99-year lease agreement between the State of Colorado, acting through the Department of Institutions, for 40 acres of State Home and Training School property (Ridge Home) to be used by North Jeffco for Recreational activities. Bill #264 was enacted by the Colorado General Assembly and approved by Governor Love, September 30, 1969. North Jeffco leases the property for $400 annually and 6% to 9% of the net income from concessions. This complex originally had four baseball fields and four football fields. Finally, The Sports Complex at 58th and Miller Streets was given a name at the 25th anniversary celebration of the North Jeffco District in 1981. It was named for Harold D. Lutz, the attorney who organized North Jeffco Recreation and Park District in 1956, and continued as the District's attorney until 1994. His other contributions to Jefferson County were: he filled an unexpired term as Jefferson County Judge in 1950 and was elected to that office in 1952 for an additional four years; he was appointed the attorney for Jefferson County R-1 School District for 18 years; he also organized and is the attorney for Foothills Park and Recreation District and for Evergreen Park and Recreation District. Additions to the Sports Complex following the name change were: Purchase of 13 acres to the East from Stan Lassak et al in 1993; a batting cage; more football and baseball fields; and elaborate firework displays on the fourth of July which can be seen for miles around.