L.A. Addenbrooke Farm

Address675 Garrison St., Lakewood
QuadFort Logan, 1965
SectionS15, T4S, R69W
SourceInventory Data Form, Sandy Grain and Ruth Hershberger, Jefferson County Historical Society, 1974, Hiwan Homestead Museum Library.
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HistoryThe original house was built in 1890 (16' x 16' feet). The old barn was built 1891 to 1893 with red spruce from Evergreen. The original 180 acres was an Union Pacific Railroad Grant, adjacent to Bradford trail and an old irrigation ditch from Golden to Loretto Heights. Later, John Everitt bought 160 more acres for a total of $16,000 and more at $22 per acre until he had an entire section of 640 acres. Later 160 acres sold in 1947 for $100,000 per acre (now called Glen Heights). John and his brother farmed vegetable products and freighted to Leadville on the Bradford Trail. They had one of the first dairy farms in Denver (50 to 60 cows) and sold directly to farms from their milk cans and pitchers. Thomas Addenbrooke's grandfather, Richard Addenbrooke, was a plater and polisher by trade and was asked to come from England to help repair trap doors in the Tabor Opera House. He was here before 1883.