Lewis Bar Placer Mine

Address10 1/2 miles east of Golden along Clear Creek
QuadGolden, 1965 (1994)
Source"WPA History of Golden, Jefferson County, Colorado," WPA Project #3548, DAR Pioneer Museum, p. 448, 450
OtherArapahoe Bar Placer Mine
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HistoryJuly 25, 1885, J.J. Wanamaker sold the Lewis Bar Placer Mine & Arapahoe Bar Placer Mine to a unnamed company belonging to J.E. Chaffee and G.W. Cummings. They began using high pressure water hoses with water taken from the ditch of Golden Ditch and Flume Company. The hydraulic mining discharged water at a force of 87 1/2 pounds to the inch. Investment of the pant cost. 10,000 dollars and the purchase of the old 120 acre Lewis farm where it was located cost 9,000 dollars. May 22, 1886. The Lewis Bar operations are under charge of California A.E. Schwatka, sent by the inventor of the Hendy Elevator, Mr. Hend, whose elevator the mine uses. Thei two inch giant nozzle usues 1,100 inches of water with 194 feet pressure, and were tearing up the ground rapidly, passing everything through the elevator 37 feet high to the sluces six feet above, boulders and loose rock being carried away rapidly through it to a dump 100 feet away.