Leyden Elementary School

QuadGolden, 1944
SectionS26, T2S, R70W
SourceArvada Historical Society, "More Than Gold," pp. 12l-122; Jefferson County Public Schools Archives.
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HistoryLeyden School was the last District No. 7 School to be organized. By 1904 there were 75 area school children with no school available. The Leyden Mine Coal Company began operations c. 1900 and later set up the school in 1908-1910. Originally the land and building were deeded to Wayne Harkness. By 1954, the property was abandoned as a school and returned to Harkness who in turn leased it to the Leyden Civic Association for community meetings, Sunday School and church services. In 1972, the structure was almost destroyed by a lightning caused fire, but was later remodeled for a private residence.