Lilley Gulch

QuadLittleton, 1965 (1980)
SectionS22,23,24, T5S, R69W
SourceUSGS Map; "Columbine '93 . . . a guide to our community"; 1899 Farm Map.
SeealsoButz Lake
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HistoryNamed after a land owner named J.G. Lilley. "J.G. Lilley was born in England 1833, and came to Colorado in 1860. When a search for gold proved futile, he bought 160 acres near Littleton in 1862. He increased his land holdings to 320 acres, and became an active and progressive member of the community. One of Lilley's ventures was the Rough and Ready Grist Mill, built in 1868. This mill shipped flour to places as far away as Boston. Lilley was involved in politics and served 25 years on the local school board and was a representative to the state legislature."