Little Bear Bar

Address28075 Hwy. 74, Evergreen 80439
QuadEvergreen, 1965 (1979)
SectionS10, T5S, R71W
SourceHistoric Building Inventory Record, Hiwan Homestead Museum Archives.
Initialdate1999-03-29 00:00:00-07
HistoryIn 1886, Amos Post sold the Episcopal church to the trustees of the Methodist Church for the sum of $1. Originally the property was part of the Mary and Williams estate, rumors say that she did not include the restriction that no alcoholic beverages could be sold. Around 1915, Prince McCracken and his wife Maude opened a drugstore on the site. They soon added a dancehall on the east side. McCracken sold his building and enterprises to Darst E. Buchanan and his family in the late 1930s. They retained ownership of the property until 1964. During that time, the name of the drugstore was changed to Evergreen Drug. The Buchanans continued the music and dancing, adding a bar to liven things up. They named the new spot the "Round Up." In 1964, the Buchanans sold to Ross Grimes, who still owns the property and building. A singer and songwriter form Des Moines, Iowa, Denny was known as the "Music Man" and was soon a regular performer. Soon after Denny took over, he teamed up with Bill Seeburg and Ron Roderick to open a franchised "Red Ram" where the Round Up had been. In 1972, the entire Red Ram franchise chain went bankrupt and Denny reopened the club as the "Little Bear." In 1976, Denny sold the enterprise to Kenny Jeronimus and Russ Bullemore.