Little Brother Mine

Addressfour miles northwest of Golden, 1/2 mile south of Hwy. 58 on Fred Pearce Ranch.
QuadGolden, 1965 (1994)
Source1959 Information Report, Colorado Bureau of Mines; 1960 state of Colorado Department of Public Health Report.
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HistoryIn 1959 the H&G Mining Co. operated this uranium mine. It had a four-foot by four-foot tunnel driven 100 feet southeast, 50 feet northeast, and 50 feet southeast. Avein had been located at the breast, several small drifts and crosscuts had been run. On the surface there was an eight-foot by ten-foot plywood change room and shop. 1960 Depts. Of Health report stated that in the dead areas without ventilation had between 27 to 40 times the normal working area's concentration of radon gas.